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Trade mark renewals are a favourite task for outsourcing and we provide a dedicated renewals service to our clients.

Our own agent network is excellent and we are competitively priced in many jurisdictions, some of which we are able to handle renewals in directly.

We are particularly sensitive to avoiding disruption to your agent network and we have extensive experience of handling renewals directly
with WIPO.

Our services extend to recording chains of title, reclassifications, partial renewals, restorations, conversions, Affidavits of Use/Non-Use and any tax payments plus re-filings, re-publication of Cautionary Notices and Canadian extension of wares/services applications, where any of these are required. Flexibility wins over rigidity with our renewal services. Using your agents does not create an issue for us. Verification of critical data through freely available on-line resources comes as standard.

We handle design renewals directly to a few Offices and through our agents elsewhere.

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