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Procedures, processes, procurement, outsourcing arrangements, database evaluations...

All of these can be critical to the successful operation of IP functions, but when you are concentrating on day-to-day business
where do you find the time to dedicate enough resources into making proper evaluations?
COLMAN+SMART has strong experience
in these projects and develops tailor-made solutions for our clients, many of which value the outside look at a particular issue.

We are usually involved more heavily at the beginning with a clear short term aim of implementation. However, we realise the need for
compliance and evolution in the medium to long term and our solutions are realistic to these aims and do not lose sight of this.

Talk to us if you have an issue you would like some help with. We can probably provide fresh perspective. We do not provide "off the shelf" services because every IP practice will have differences, however subtle. We take a neutral approach should it come to recommending
one supplier over others, that is if you wish us to make a final recommendation. Often an evaluation can provide the information to allow
you to make the final choice. We will let you know at the outset should we have a commercial relationship with any supplier as a clear
part of our conflict of interest checks.

These services are not provided scientifically. They are performed with pragmatism and based on solid experience within the IP field.


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