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Clearing a trade mark for use and registration in the European Union is a difficult task for many businesses. Particularly if you want
to do this on a budget.

Using a combination of commercial providers, search departments at Trade Marks Offices and our agent network,
can deliver an EU similarity search for a competitive fee. This includes the EU, International and Benelux Registers
and all national EU Trade Mark Registers plus a UK Common Law search, some linguistic checks and additional supplementary searches.
The cost can be reduced if you want to exclude certain Registers.

If we are searching for a pharmaceutical trade mark then a Pharma-in-use search can be added at additional cost.

A consolidated legal opinion can also be provided at additional cost. We are happy to work with your usual EU representative to provide this opinion, if preferred. We monitor the legal opinions on your behalf and ensure any special needs are taken into account.

Our searches are flexible, talk to us about what you want. For example, if you have a co-existence agreement in place let us know and we
will omit the related marks from our analysis. If certain items of goods/services are not of concern then we can exclude marks covering
only these. Advise us about subsidiary companies and we can avoid citing their marks in a search if need be.

Using our excellent supplier network, we can also undertake searches in other countries around the world.

We can also manage searches on a more global scale. Or if you have an individual search request for a distant country that you do not work with regularly then count on us too.

Searches are subjective and can never be completely reliable but we try to make them as black and white and easy to digest for you as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail. We do not provide a standard order form because we like to adapt to each client's needs.
However, we can set up a search standards for each client so they can instruct us simply and we will know how to proceed.

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