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Counterfeiting represents an ever increasing percentage of world trade and is likely to be one of the biggest problems facing IP
rights owners in the coming years.

One of the simplest and most cost effective preemptive measures to catch counterfeit goods is to register IP rights with the Customs
authorities in countries where this is possible.

There are now numerous jurisdictions where Customs recordal can be made as a preemptive measure and this often comes with increased IP training of border personnel. As an administrative task,
COLMAN+SMART can do this on a global basis so your time can be freed up to oncentrate on more complex IP issues, dealing with counterfeits or otherwise.

We can undertake the formalities in having the rights recorded in a timely manner. We then ensure the set up between us is robust so that should any potential counterfeits be caught by Customs you will be notified promptly and can, should you wish, take further steps with local professionals.

Whilst registered trade mark rights are the most common to record with Customs, in some countries it is possible to record other rights such as patents, designs and copyrights.

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