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We provide services on a global scale to the IP community, from in-house legal teams at large corporations to trade mark and law firms, and also to SMEs and start-ups that need support with filings and maintenance of their trade marks and designs. Our client base stretches across the UK and across the world covering many industries.

We are well respected for our solution driven approach to
IP consulting.

Our focus is on quality and providing personal services to our clients that save them time and money.

Our agent network is exceptional, wide reaching and vigorously monitored. Our in-house procedures are exacting and an attention to detail mentality is entrenched.

We place a high importance on ethics in the way we work with clients and suppliers. We wish to show compassion to the environment and operate a paperless office and have commitments to recycling. Our costs are transparent and fair.

We are based in Manchester, a city that offers value for money, particularly when compared to London, and our paperless office means we do not have to employ people to carry out voluminous paper filing. We also do not have secretarial staff. These help us to keep our overheads to a minimum and enable us to easily work remotely when needed, both of which give benefits to our clients.

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Daniel Smart
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