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Filing trade mark applications in various countries can be a headache.

Not so if you take advantage of the ATLAS-SMART service from
COLMAN+SMART and allow them to take the hassle away whether on a regular basis or for a one-off mass worldwide or regional filing program.


Key benefits: 

  • Reduce your administrative burden and internal costs - a single source for instructions and queries; receive reports in a concise manner, how you want them
  • Simplify billing by receiving invoices in a single currency.
  • Reduce your risk. We do all the following up so that applications get filed promptly including in the difficult to contact countries
    and those needing upfront payments 
  • Our experience allows us to avoid common pitfalls 
  • We are cost effective. We have an agent network monitored for costs and quality to ensure costs are competitive, even taking into
    account our own professional charges 
  • But you want us to use your established agent network? No problem. We can even work it so you seamlessly take over the subsequent prosecution if you so wish 
  • Powers of Attorney, etc. can be prepared in a single batch of documents, clearly separated from those requiring 'simple signature'
    to those with notarisation and legalisation requirements
  • You want to claim priority? Then you can also allow us to obtain any certified copies required and arrange for any necessary 
    translations and legalisation 

  • If you wish, we can devise a filing strategy that provides the best value for money
Our filing services are flexible and can cover any group of jurisdictions - or just one country - depending on a client's need.
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